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Sociology is the most fascinating discipline in academia but sociologists are not always the best at presenting their work to others. Fortunately, we live a world of abundant creative content which is often infused with sociological ideas.

This is a website dedicated to highlighting general sociological concepts as found in popular media, documentaries, and streaming videos. Launched in January 2017, this site’s goal is to connect instructors of sociology and the social sciences to material their students find enlightening and entertaining. No TED Talks, no podcasts, no lectures… The videos you will find here were produced for non-academic audiences but are of the highest educational quality. From clips, to episodes, to feature-length films, we apply the sociological imagination to popular content you’ll find engaging and illuminating.

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The Creator

Matt Reid, M.A., is a Visiting Professor of Sociology at Grand Valley State University as well as a Doctoral Candidate at Western Michigan University. His dissertation work focuses on medical cannabis, stigma, and gender. Matt has taught a wide variety of courses at GVSU and elsewhere including Sociology of Love, Families in Society, Death & Dying, and Race & Ethnicity (see CV for more details). Matt is also the media editor of the Midwest Sociological Society and has several assignments published in the American Sociological Association's TRAILS database of teaching resources. He currently lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his 2 beautiful cats, Rocky and Benjy.

Email: matt.reid@wmich.edu or reidma1@gvsu.edu.

Curriculum Vitae: Reid_CV_January2019.pdf


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