Social Settings as a Placebo

"The placebo effect's role in traditional healing and Western medicine" -- PBS NewsHour, 2018, 5:36 --

This video discusses concepts such as the theatre of medicine and the science of placebos with a novel emphasis on how the collective expectation of a location's healing powers is often enough to induce feelings of wellness. Essentially, we may not actually need fake pills to bring about a placebo effect because the social setting alone may accomplish much of the same result. 

From the video's description: The placebo effect influences all types of healing, from yoga to laying of hands to remedies in your doctor's office. While researching his book, “Suggestible You”, on the science of belief, science writer Erik Vance visited healers in the U.S., China and Mexico. He has been blessed, cursed and tortured in countless ways. He joined ScienceScope to journey from Mexico to Maryland to show how these beliefs influence healing. This work was done in cooperation with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.