Sober Curious

Being 'Sober Curious,' an approach to not drinking with better wellness in mind” — ABC News, 2019, 8:02

It is often said that alcohol is only drug that requires explanation for NOT using. Afterall, we live in a culture where booze is promoted as a social lubricant, a gateway to good times, and even a relaxant. This video examines an increasingly popular trend: abstaining from alcohol (for the most part). These “sober curious” individuals do not avoid alcohol out of addiction, but rather out of health concerns and general disinterest. Interestingly, many sober curious folks appear to engage in the scenes of night (or day) clubs and bar-like establishments. But why is this happening now? Alcohol-free beverages and events are not new inventions, so what might explain their resurging popularity? This video doesn’t examine any structural or cultural factors, but it hints at over-work culture and healthism (loosely defined here as the cultural pressure to always be in pursuit of optimal health). What other sociological explanations can you think of? How might changes in our society, cultures, or institutions illuminate this trend? And do you think it will continue to grow in popularity or decline?

From the video’s description: Followers of this growing movement say it's not abstaining from alcohol altogether but rather taking note of how drinking alcohol has impacted you and making changes.