Residential v Occupational Segregation Today

American segregation, mapped at day and night” — Vox, 2019, 6:48

How does racial segregation change over the course of the day? This video examines differences between residential segregation and occupational segregation. We find that while workplaces may have diversified, workers themselves tend to return home to segregated neighborhoods. Furthermore, workplaces may appear diverse while having highly segregated bureaucratic structures. Upper-level positions are still largely occupied by white people. Why is segregation still prevalent today? What could be done to diversify managerial positions within segregated businesses?

This video has an interactive component as well. Students can explore how segregation manifests in cities near them using Vox’s Interactive Maps from the video. The Racial Dot Map would also be a good tool to use in conjunction with this video.

From the video’s description: We work in diverse places. We live in segregated ones. America policies engineered our segregated homes. But the workplace? That had the chance of being a place where we interact with people of other races — and form meaningful relationships. These maps show that this hasn't exactly happened. In fact, the most personal parts of our lives is still very segregated.