Racist Suspicious Activity Calls

The Police Officers Who Respond To Racist ‘Suspicious Activity’ 911 Calls” — Vice News, 2018, 4:11https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuotvXL4zNI

First-hand accounts from police officers regarding racist “suspicious activity” calls. This is a problem that has become routine for 911 operators who are obliged to send a patrol to the scene. One officer recounts how a white person called the 911 on a black police officer who they suspected of stealing a patrol car. Why do white people panic when they see law-abiding people of color? Consider how cultural images, implicit biases, structural oppressions, and more impact one’s decision to alert the authorities on the everyday behavior of black people.  

From the video’s description:  "I get these types of calls anywhere between one to 10 times a shift. And we work anywhere between 12 to 16 hour shifts."