Poverty on the East Side

Why The East Sides of Cities Are Poorer Than The West” — Cheddar, 2018, 3:41https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MlyAvUfh8E

Comparative studies on European cities tend to find that the east side is poorer than the west side. But why? This video explains how air pollution and urban planning may have set the groundwork for socioeconomic divisions in many cities. While this argument is not generalizable to all cities, it is interesting to think about the rich/poor sections of any urban area in relation to pollution, waste, and other environmental risks. How are the social classes distributed in the city nearest you? What modern-day quality of life concerns plague poorer sections of cities? Does anything change when we consider noise, light, and water pollution?

From the video’s description: In cosmopolitan hubs around the globe, the east side of the city contains the poorer neighborhood. Cheddar investigates new research from the UK addressing this pattern in city planning.