Non-state Spaces & Stateless Lifestyles

"Building a border at 4,600 meters" -- Vox, 2017, 13:26 --

Non-state spaces have always existed but they are becoming increasingly threatened by advancing infrastructure and cultural encroachment. Often located in rugged environments beyond the reach of nearby nations, some non-state spaces are finding that these natural barriers can no longer protect their solitary societies.  

From the video's description: "For thousands of years, humans have drawn lines on the earth, dividing the planet into nations. But there are some parts of the world that no empire, nation or state has been able to tame. In this episode of Borders, Johnny heads deep into the Himalaya mountains to learn about how people have lived away from the concept of borders. China and Nepal are acting fast to develop this remote region and it's having major effects on the local population".