Non-Genital Orgasm & Disability

Rafe's Paralysis Causes Him To Explore Sex In Other Unconventional Ways” (Strange Sex) -- tlc uk, 2018, 7:50 --

A short profile on how a paralyzed man experiences non-genital orgasm by using his thumb as a “surrogate penis”. With the help of a sex therapist, the man learns to transfer orgasmic sensation to another part of his body. This video challenges our perceptions of sexuality and disability. A statistic in the video claims 88% of people with spinal cord injuries are likely to remain single. Yet even more generally, our culture doesn’t consider people with disabilities to be sexual beings, and many are pushed to seek sexual gratification through non-romantic avenues. Sex is not something to be ashamed of and people with disabilities should not be desexualized through narrow cultural desires. The human body is resilient and full of surprising possibilities we have yet to seriously explore.

Although this video does not show any private parts, some scenes are highly suggestive of intercourse.

From the video’s description: After falling 12 feet off of a roof and becoming paralysed, Rafe thought he could never have pleasurable sex again. Determined however, Rafe discovers that his thumb is the gateway back to experiencing erotic pleasure.