Noise Pollution

Why Noise Pollution Is More Dangerous Than We Think” — The New Yorker, 2019, 8:44 —

Imagine how quiet the world must have been only a century ago. Nowadays, we face a constant barrage of internal combustion engines, transit in motion, sirens, horns, and other noises. These are the sounds which constitute noise pollution, and just like other forms of pollution, it can have detrimental impacts on quality of life. It can reduce productivity, detract from learning, and be averse to our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet much of noise pollution is inescapable since it comes from a constellation of environmental factors. Therefore, how might we collectively address this as social problem? An individual solution might be to wear noise-cancelling headphones or to move to a quieter area, but a societal solution would be more effective while helping large numbers of individuals.  

Have you noticed noise pollution in your daily life? If so, where is it most pervasive? What do you think should be done to combat noise pollution? Think about changes to culture, policy, enforcement, the built environment, and more.

From the video’s description: David Owen reports on noise pollution, an intangible phenomenon with serious costs to human health and wildlife.