Men in Heels

"How heels started as a men's shoe" -- CBC News, 2017, 6:33 --

Masculinity is often achieved by the explicit rejection of anything associated with femininity. Research shows us that when "manly" things begin to become associated with women, men quickly abandon such things to maintain their privileged identity. For instance, names such as Ashley, Courtney, Lindsay, and Whitney (among others) were once considered masculine, but such names are now almost exclusively associated with femininity. The same is true with many fashion items-- heels, stockings, and purses were once exclusively worn by men. This video provides an overview of the gendered history of heels as well as how these formerly-macho shoes are used by modern men. 

From the video's description: From their origins as an equestrian tool to the halls of Versailles and a KISS wardrobe staple, the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto explores how heels started as a men's shoe and their progression from function to fashion.