Mega Childcare Centers in Singapore

Singapore is building mega childcare centers” — Quartz, 2018, 5:14

A look into how Singapore plans to centralize childcare with large facilities akin to public schooling. These centers will provide early education while allowing parents to remain full-time employees. What, if any, potential drawbacks are there to this type of childcare and pre-schooling? Do you think the individualistic culture of the US will allow for such centers here? Would you want to attend such a program, or would you enroll your child in one?

From the video’s description: Singapore has an ambitious plan for the quality of life for its youngest citizens and their parents: quality and affordable childcare. The goal is not only to offer early childhood education and support to parents — but also increase the birthrate. In the next five years, the government's goal is to help create 200,000 spots for babies as young as two months to six years in large early childhood development (ECD) centers that dot the island. These mega childcare centers can hold anywhere from 300 to 1,000 children.