McMansions & The American Dream

"McMansions: The houses that people love to hate" -- Washington Post, 2017, 5:26 --

An example of the conspicuous consumption of the American middle class: mass produced, cheaply-made, status symbol homes, aka "McMansions". These unsightly expressions of wealth are dominating the new housing market with little regard for the communities in which they exist. My biggest gripe with McMansions is the landscaping, more specifically, why do they have to rip out every tree within a mile radius of these things?! I personally find it absurd that a person would buy a $500k home in a virtual desert of lawns, shrubbery, and pavement.  

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From the video's description: There’s a certain type of house that people love to hate. They're called "McMansions," and architecture critic Kate Wagner has dedicated her website, McMansion Hell, to explaining why these houses rub people the wrong way.