Instagram's Effect on Art

How "Instagram traps" are changing art museums” — Vox, 2018, 5:55

How are apps like Instagram and SnapChat changing the art world? Do you like this move towards more-immersive installation art? What other types of “Instagramable” art can you think of? There is also a provocative claim made in this video that photographing a thing detracts from our overall experience of the thing… Have you ever found yourself stressed over taking photos to share on social media?

From the video’s description: There’s a new kind of art installation popping up in cities across the world. It isn’t designed to showcase classical paintings, or to house impressive historical artifacts — it’s designed to be photographed for Instagram. These might not feel like real museums, but they’re a reflection of a real change happening in the museum world right now. Museums — both new pop-ups and traditional institutions — are capitalizing on smartphone culture by creating spaces whose main appeal is being a backdrop for a great selfie. As more kinds of retail experiences move online, spaces like this — where digital reproducibility through social media is an active part of the design — are only going to get more common.