Instagram, Nature & Visitors

What happens when nature goes viral?” — Vox, 2018, 5:15

This video shows how the “Instagramability” of an area can influence tourist traffic. The intriguing combination of photo-sharing and geo-location can drive many people off the beat path in search of the perfect selfie. What are some other reasons that cause certain natural areas to become more popular than others? How do you think this photo-driven craze will impact future park development?

From the video’s description: Horseshoe Bend used to be a little-known roadside view of the Colorado River in Page, Arizona. But over the past few years, the spot has witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity. The main culprit for that uptick? Instagram. It’s now one of many hidden treasures across America that have become too popular for their own good — requiring extensive redesign to protect the visitors and the environment. With visitation at a record 84 million in 2017, America’s national parks are more popular than ever — and social media is rewriting the rules of how and why people visit them.