Happiness is an Unopened Box

Why Unboxing Videos Soothe Our Materialistic Brains” (Internetting) — The New York Times, 2018, 4:14https://youtu.be/vHT8Eo88gz8

Unboxing videos feature people opening boxes and removing packaging around new consumer goods. They have attracted a massive following on streaming services in recent years, but why? This video critically examines the phenomenon while discussing the respective roles of capitalism, status symbols, and conspicuous consumption. Common discussions of unboxing videos are typically ones of therapeutic value, stress relief, and curiosity. However, how can a sociological perspective better inform our understanding of these popular videos? What roles do social class and a materialistic culture play in all of this? Why do we fetishize commodities and seek happiness through consumption? 

From the video’s description: On the internet, we can vicariously consume more stuff than we could ever actually buy, touch, or even see in our lifetimes. Are these videos eliminating a desire, or creating one?