GE Big Boys (SNL)

GE Big Boys” — Saturday Night Live, 2018, 1:45

A satirical look at masculinized home appliances. This short video can be used a discussion starter for the gendered division of (household) labor, the second shift, and the needless gendering of consumer goods. How do these products appeal to dominant forms of masculinity? Would manly cleaning products be a step in the right direction or a distraction from the true cause of unequal domestic responsibilities? What other strategies have society and/or businesses used to encourage men to do more housework?

Remember the empowering advice given to women who demand more egalitarian arrangements: “He is feeling it more than you. He's losing some leisure and you're gaining it. The measure of your oppression is his resistance” - (Pat Mainardi of Redstockings, 1970. Full text here).