Fake A Baby

How These Women Used Fake Pregnancy Tests To Dupe The Men In Their Lives” — Inside Edition, 2017, 3:20https://youtu.be/pkJ54fCYFXE

I think the best approach to this video is to simply ask, “What does this say about our society”? We learn about a website offering fake pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and hospital records that women can use to deceive their male partners. While research suggests that unexpected pregnancies add more strain on relationships, one woman believes faking a baby will bring her ex-boyfriend back into her life (and it surprisingly works). We also meet another (legitimately) pregnant woman who sells her urine as a means to blackmail bosses with whom you had an affair. So many conversations can be had about this video, ranging from parental roles to ethics, but it always gets a good laugh out of my classes.

How does a pregnancy redefine relationships? Are there any dangers to this practice, or is it just a silly prank? What other products or services out there can be exploited to deceive others?

From the video’s description: What is intended to be a gag gift has been used by some woman to convince their boyfriends they are having a child. The website FakeABaby.com has everything one needs to fool someone into thinking they are pregnant, but what has followed in some cases is no laughing matter. One young woman named Danielle said her boyfriend was breaking up with her, so she used the website to save the relationship by convincing her boyfriend she was pregnant. "I faked my baby. I faked a pregnancy," she said.