Do You Suffer From White Thoughts?

Jon Hamm 'White Thoughts’”— Random Acts of Flyness, 2018, 6:36

In the running for best new show of 2018 is HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness from artist Terence Nance. The show uses cutting-edge mix of provocative sketches, documentary, archival footage, and empowering messages to create a color conscious examination of modern social issues. In the first episode of the series we are treated to this faux commercial on “White Thoughts”.

But what are white thoughts? And how does privilege pervert the perspective of white people? This clip might not directly answer these questions, but it interrogates a world view that oppresses everyone it touches. Do you think “medicalizing” privilege would be beneficial to social justice causes? What other methods could be beneficial in reducing this type of destructive thinking? This clip is a conversation starter with wonderful wit and powerful vision.