Deaths of Despair (Suicide in the US)

"Why ‘Deaths of Despair’ May Be a Warning Sign for America" -- Wall Street Journal, 2018, 10:22 --

Emile Durkheim's theory of suicide isn't directly mentioned in this video, but the phenomena we see here are clearly signs of low social integration (Egoistic Suicide) as well as weak social regulation (Anomic Suicide). It's interesting to note which groups have higher suicide rates: Whites, men, non-college graduates, evangelicals, and in states with troubled economies (among others). 

From the video's description: Does a decades-long rise in suicide among white Americans signal an emerging crisis for U.S. capitalism and democracy? Nobel prize-winning economist Angus Deaton, and his wife, fellow Princeton Prof. Anne Case, share their provocative theory with WSJ’s Jason Bellini in this episode of Moving Upstream.