Cultural Identity & The Nameplate Necklace

From hip-hop to Carrie Bradshaw: what's in a nameplate necklace?” --The Guardian, 2018, 6:58 --

This video is a great example of cultural identity, self-expression, and appropriation of fashion. The name plate necklace originated in black and Hispanic communities to emphasize how names reflect identity. The necklaces were symbolic of one’s pride in their name, an important affirmation in face of how non-Anglo names are marginalized in our society. The nameplate necklace would later go mainstream when it was appropriated by the show Sex in the City to make a white character look funky.

From the video’s description: If you don't already own a 'Carrie necklace', chances are you've seen them in music videos, films, fashion shoots – and, of course, in Sex in the City. But the origins and cultural significance of the jewellery goes much deeper than Carrie Bradshaw. Grace Shutti explores the origins of the nameplate necklace, which emerged from black and Hispanic communities in 1970s New York and draws on graffiti and hip-hop culture.