Cultural Cuteness

"How a melancholy egg yolk conquered Japan" -- Vox, 2017, 4:30 --

What do we consider to be "cute" in the United States? How do other societies define cuteness? Say hello to Gudetama, an adorably exhausted egg yolk and an interesting example of cultural associations of cuteness (with a nice bit on historical context as well).

From Vox: "When you think about the cuteness culture in Japan, the word “kawaii” comes to mind. The word, which signals more of a childlike sense of cute, came about in the 70s and it’s been used globally ever since. And Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, has built an empire around the “kawaii” culture. Cuteness is a reaction. In Japan, the kawaii culture and concept is often linked to the country’s post-WWII years. The idea is that, because of its trauma and defeat, the country leaned into its vulnerability. Decades later— Sanrio’s new face of kawaii is an egg yolk with depression, questioning life".