China's Single Men

"China: All the Single Men" -- Al Jazeera English, 2018, 24:35 --

Interesting look into China's gender imbalance stemming from the infamous one child policy. As there are many more men than women, the men turn to illegitimate means to secure a relationship-- namely, human trafficking. 

From the video's description: In China, women are in short supply. Thanks to an ancestral preference for boys, and the implementation of the one-child policy, there are now millions more men than women. It's predicted that one in five single men will never find a woman to marry. This striking gender imbalance is causing not just personal devastation but a potential national crisis. To avoid becoming a 'bare branch', many single men are resorting to extreme methods to find a bride - kidnapping or buying women from overseas. Anything to help them fulfil their responsibility to secure the future of their family.