Childcare Fails

These Child Care Fails Show How Not to Raise Kids” — Inside Edition, 2018, 3:16

A compilation of dangerous parenting practices going back several decades. This may be useful for discussion on child rearing, safety, and intensive parenting. Where should we draw the line between reckless endangerment and letting kids be kids? Can you imagine a world where 1950s parenting standards combined with today’s social media technology?

From the video’s description: Child safety standards have changed over the years. And that's a good thing, because has unearthed a number of cringe-worthy examples of how not to care for a child. These include putting a little boy in a cage with a bunch of lions, using your young daughters as props for your knife-throwing act and having your infant hold your skeet-shooting rifle. With antics like these, making it to adulthood may be questionable.