Advertising & Alcohol Regulation

Why advertising triggers you to drink during the holidays” — USA Today, 2018, 5:43

How does our culture encourage and/or discourage alcohol consumption? Though no one is advocating for prohibition, the wide availability and promotion of alcohol raises concerns for some. This video examines how advertising shapes the meanings behind alcohol in our culture. Recent marketing trends have pushed the inclusion of drinking into everyday activities like yoga, painting, and even summer camp. We also learn that unlike tobacco ads, the alcohol industry has relatively little legal restrictions on how their products are marketed. The video concludes with an overview of drugs can be regulated by attending to the Three A’s: "Availability, Affordability, and Attractiveness”.

In what specific ways can we regulate alcohol consumption? Who should bear the burden of increased regulations (consumers, manufacturers, governments, etc.)?

From the video’s description: Millions of Americans will hoist a glass this holiday season. And convincing you to do so is big business! In the US alone, 2 billion dollars is spent on alcohol advertising each year. Perhaps well worth it, as it results in 162 billion dollars in annual alcohol sales. You heard us right, it's not just your in-laws who are driving you to drink.